Introduction To Bermuda

Beautiful Bermuda

Quintessentially English, with a Bermudian twist. Many love the quiet, calm sophistication of Bermuda, which provides an enchanting contrast to the exuberant nature of the colourful Caribbean.

Bermuda is a 21-mile string of 138 coral islands, less than two miles wide. This collection of tiny, picturesque islands is compact and easy to get around - even by bicycle. At first glance, you’ll notice that Britain’s oldest colony has a distinctly English feel with traditional bobbies, sophisticated aftern oon tea, iconic red tele ph one boxes and even areas named after Devonshire, Warwick and Southampton. But this captivating destination definitely has its own personality, with lots of wonderful things to offer. From the hidden treasures of St George, with its mea ndering lanes and pretty pastel houses to the vibrancy of Hamilton, the capital and thriving business epicentre. Absorb the natural beauty of Bermuda – lounge on the beautiful beaches, visit picturesque Spittal Pond Nature Reserve or embark o n adventurous outdoor pursuits like kayaking and helmet diving. 

From what I know of the application I can vouch for his intellectual ability and attributes required to complete a doctorate programme. He is a critical thinker with a natural ability to grasp new concepts quickly and analyses issues rationally. His thoughts, writing and editing are indicative of his ability to be coherent and cogent in reasoning. He possesses an aptitude for learning and knowledge.

Besides his above attributes he is also a self-motivated professional with an interest in media, education and IT.

  • Comment, as appropriate, on the applicant's responsiveness to supervision/mentoring; responsiveness to constructive criticism, capacity for self-evaluation; ability to work with others; ability to organise work.

  • Comment on any academic or professional experience that you consider relevant to the qualification applied for.

  • If appropriate, indicate how confident you are that the applicant is likely to complete successfully the qualification aimed for. Please indicate how strongly you are supporting this application: not strongly, strongly or very strongly.

  • If appropriate, comment on any postgraduate study or other forms of training already undertaken or in progress.