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ATH. ALTERNATIVE  TO HOTEL can be viewed as a platform whereby any one with suitable clean secure accommodation can upload it and advertise their property to the whole world, such a person will be called the Host, there are millions of travellers worldwide who are looking for suitable accommodation that is safe, clean, secure and above all value for money, making it affordable. Any person wanting to rent your property etc will be known as the Guest. You have invested in your property over the years, now it is payback time for your property to invest in you. All your rental dates will be under your control to choose what dates will be up for rental. Now it is time to get started.

Assuming that you are looking at the Home page, you must first register as a Guest Member. You are now ready to sign up as a Host to register your property. Click on the blue tab that says (list your property) (Blue tab at the top right hand corner as you face the screen) a new window will open, and work through the documents on the screen. You will have certain generic identities listed from the drop down menus, example House, room, etc however there might be some names missing from the listing, just send us a mail and we will correct and add titles that are missing. Just go through the stages of registration, and complete all the stages, when selecting images, to upload, it is important to get some good resolution so that they do not (pixilate ie looking out of focus as they become enlarged).  Your description of your property should be honest and accurate, so that guests can make a confident decision when choosing a property for their stay. Any mis-information can lead to a guest rejecting their accommodation upon arrival and seeing your property, it is also important for you to upload an up to date photo image of yourself and create your profile, therefore we will stress that HONESTY WILL BE YOUR BEST POLICY..We will issue news letters on tips and best practices, but the ultimate target is to make your guests feel safe, comfortable and secure, this will build your business and make you a very successful person. As we build together, we have plans to introduce other services, for all our members.

Payment is made to ATH and is secured for the duration of the stay. after which the Guest and the Host is afforded 48 hours to raise any dispute i.e. Damage to the property or the home  mis-representing their accommodation whereby forcing the Guest to compromise his expectation, hence impacting on his stay. or in more severe cases finding alternative accommodation.  once such dispute is raised, it will be settled by the arbitrator. and payment / refund will  be actioned to the rightful client.


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