Frequently Asked Questions




(1) Who can advertise?

Anyone can advertise on Alternative To Hotel .Com if you have suitable accommodation of any type that is clean, comfortable, safe and secure to offer, then you are welcome.


(2) What are the standard requirements?

The standard requirements should be such that your guests are comfortable, safe and secure. The basis of our agreement is the following contractual on your part:


(a) Room/s should be clean with a twice weekly change of bedding.

(b) Required level of heating in cold countries or cold weather.

(c) Required level of cooling if in tropical countries

(d) Ventilation as and when requested.

(e) Clean water for drinking and water for washing.

(f) Facilities for cooking (self catering for the guest) if the guest so wishes.

(g) Electrical wiring and equipment must be safe to use..

(h) Twenty four hour access to the accommodation is a requirement.

(i) Medical facilities available in case of emergencies.

(j) Clean safe civilised toilet sanitation and facilities are essential where appropriate (we are not talking here about a hole in the ground miles from the house across a muddy field dodging lions and crocodiles).

(k) Mosquito nets where insects are a pest. The safest and most practical way to deal with problem is to place a Screen on all opening to the room


(l) Make “The safety and comfort of your guest is paramount” your driving principle.


(m) Although we are not stipulating air conditioning the minimum for cooling we suggest will be an electric fan capable of moving a good velocity of air example a 24 inch standing fan or variable speed ceiling fan.


(3) Who to contact in case of problems?

The first port of call will be with your host, but you can send a mail to and we will reply back to you ASAP, However, we will be recruiting local contact co-ordinators wherever we are planning to place our customers worldwide.


(4) Who is responsible for my safety?

 You are firstly responsible for your safety and your host is a close second, but as a sensible mature individual if you feel uncomfortable with something or a situation discuss it with your host, and if not satisfied you have to make a judgement and act accordingly.


(5) When is payment due?


Payment is due before the date of travel ( possibly 6 weeks). Please note this must be paid before you travel or your booking cannot be confirmed. Payment made less than 12 weeks before departure will result in a late payment surcharge.


(6) Can I pay online?


Both credit cards, Pay Pal and debit cards can be used to pay online via our secure server.


(7) When do I receive the accommodation voucher?

Your voucher will only arrive once you have fully paid your balance and payment has been taken. If you still haven’t received your voucher try the following things. 
1 - Check your junk mail box. 
If you are still facing problems after trying this, click contact us, and fill in the required form and someone will call you to resolve the issue.


(8) Is the Total Price the final price I will pay or are there any additional charges?

Yes, the price you see is the priceyou pay. Additional charges may apply if the booking has been incorrectly made or if amendments are required. Bookings made by credit or debit card may be subject to a charge by the card provider, where applicable. For further clarification please contact us or refer to our Terms and Conditions. Also, you may make private arrangements with your host for extras facilities, meals or services which will cost extra. (This must be discussed with your host during confirmation) 


(9) How do I cancel bookings?

To cancel a booking please email with cancel my booking in the subject line, and the booking that you would like to cancel.


(10) What are the different room types?

Twin/Double Standard. This is a room to sleep two adults in a room with either a twin or double bed. If three adults stay in the room there may be three single beds or two single beds and a fold out bed for the third adult, or a double bed and a single bed. If two adults and one or two children stay in this room type the usual configuration is a double or twin bed with a fold out bed for the children. Double Room this is a room with one double bed. Twin Room this is a room with two single beds. Triple Room This room will sleep three people. The beds are not guaranteed to all be single beds. There may be a fold out bed for the third person. Quad Room This room will sleep two adults and two children, some properties will allow a total of four adults. It is not guaranteed to be larger than a twin or double room. Family Room This room will usually accommodate two adults and two or three children. When the room is fully occupied it may be cramped. Standard Room this usually applies to USA bookings. The rooms are usually comprised of two double beds but this cannot be guaranteed. Single Room This will accommodate one person only and may be a smaller room than the other rooms in the same property. Double or Twin for Single Use this is a room for two people which is bookable for one person. Bedding will only be provided for one person. Studio this is an open plan room with the kitchenette, living space and bedroom in the same room. The room could contain either beds or sofa beds. 1 Bed Apt this will accommodate up to three or four people with twin beds in a separate bedroom and a sofa bed in the living area. 2 Bed Apt this will accommodate up to five or six people with twin beds in two separate bedrooms and sofa beds in the living areas. Superior Rooms This room will be superior to a standard room and the content will differ from property to property. Superior rooms usually have better decor. You may be offered different variations of room type i.e. - the same property offers: 1 bed roomed apartment (standard), 1 bed apt 1/2 people, 1 bed apt 2/3 people, 1 bed apt 3/4 people. The rooms will usually be the same size.  If there are two adults travelling and you book a 1 bed apt 3/4 people - the room is not guaranteed to be larger than the 1 bed apt 1/2 people. The rule is to discuss with your provider, and they should clearly list what is on offer.


(11) What should I do if my voucher hasn't arrived?

Your voucher will only arrive once you have fully paid your balance and payment has been taken. If you still haven’t received your voucher try the following things. 
1 - Check your junk mail box. 
If you are still facing problems after trying this, click contact us, fill in the required form and someone will call you to resolve the issue.


(12) What material can I upload about my site?

You can upload any information about your site that will be an accurate description of the property and service that you will provide to your clients. We will provide you with the Multi-media internet tools available in your control panel to upload images, text and videos to describe your offerings


(13) Are there any restrictions or Censorship on the material that I can upload?

There is no Censorship or restrictions on what material that is allowed on Alternative To Hotel .Com. Concerning the bandwidth of the images and videos, this will have a set limitation to enable a quicker download, but with text and images your are reasonable adults and we hope that you will use discression and sensitivity with what you advertise, and how you advertise it, We suggest that you do not use language that may hurt or insult anyone by Race. Religion, Colour, Deformity, Sexuality, the usual nonsense that plagues the world today. We just want this site to be one big happy family, providing something that will be an alternative to what exists in the leisure industry.


(14) Can I advertise my Accommodation for Adults Only?

This question has a double meaning, and we will answer it in two parts.

(a)  If by adults only, you are referring to the fact that you do not wish to have (Minors) the under eighteen residing at your residence, then yes you can.

(b)  Alternatively, if your Adult Only refers to the offering of accommodation where adults partake in  romantic activity , then the answer is yes, but we ask the host to be discreet and sensible with their information……..for help send us an E-mail.


My question is not listed?

Send a mail to us with your questions and our customer liaison officer will reply.. See Contact us for address