Antigua... The Gateway To Tropical Paridise

Since that faithful journey of discovery by Christopher Columbus of a place called Antigua, named after the Spanish icon, Santa Maria de la Antigua, visitors have flocked to its shores in their thousands. History has it that it was Columbus, who discovered this beautiful island, but I beg to differ, you cannot discover something that someone else knows about, surely the inhabitants of the Island knew their land and what a gem it was. However Mr. Columbus was sent on a voyage to discover the best holiday hotspots, and alas! He stumbled across this Pearl of a Caribbean Island the place where residents of the northern hemisphere regularly pilgrimage to have their holiday to escape the inclement weather. Antigua and Barbuda are islands in the West Indies in the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean region. I would describe it as the gateway to paradise, no matter where you go in Antigua, you  won't be far from beautiful Beaches, good accommodation, and a fascinating history

With any first experience, it must be memorable, like your first romance, hence Antigua and Barbuda must be your first choice to be introduced to this beautiful part of the hemisphere, there you will find a welcome that will restore your love and faith in humanity, whilst the warm weather and lush tropical vegetation sets the scene for better things to come. An alternative to the turmoil and turbulence in many parts of the world, the Caribbean offers safety and stability. The image of its many beaches bathed by the turquoise shallow seas that reflect the simmering sun soothes the inner soul. Invoking  peace, love and tranquillity. Whilst there are many, Antigua stands out as a shining diamond amongst rubies. That's not all you'll find on the island, however. Visitors will discover that Antigua also offers a vibrant culture spun by a fascinating history that is as fun to explore as the island's beautiful beaches.

What is the attraction of Antigua and the Caribbean?..How about ten hours of sunshine a day and a tourism industry that has perfected the art of luxury.

The Caribbean often provides families with their first taste of the tropics and the varied cultures and languages  offers a variety of cuisines to suit the fussiest of eaters,  ( the cheaper way to travel) now gives a platform to all the residents of Antigua / Barbuda and the rest of the Caribbean, to join us in building our community, to share in the lucrative travel industry by registering their spare rooms and empty properties with us to make available to a world hungry travelling public, affordable accommodation, offering sheer choice of family holidays.

For those who have not visited the Caribbean, the first visit and experience, is too important to be left to anyone else. Hence once you visit Antigua, the Antiguans will baptize you into a new world and experience that you will cherish forever. Antigua and Barbuda the place you hate to leave, but can’t wait to return to.