About Us

About Us


The concept of Alternative to hotel was borne from an idea that we had as a family whilst holidaying in the Caribbean, it has take many years to come to fruition, but we were possibly the first to float the idea of families worldwide who can share  or rent their spare room capacity  to accommodate budget conscious travellers.

Our family, with its mix of adventurers and explorers, can be described as the original Swiss family Robinson. There was a general consensus that it would be a fantastic idea of others can experience what we were experiencing as a family, to wake up to a 5.30 am warm sunrise followed by a 6 am morning swim, and solitary stroll through the rain forest, this would  be the ideal way to revitalise the inner soul.

Upon our arrival in our host country we set about with passion, the task of selecting a team of enthusiastic people to participate in the construction of Alternative To Hotel. We had no knowledge of writing software or programming, so we enlisted the help of friends and associates, and soon realised that we were in over our heads and that the task at hand was enormous and due to a lack of funds and the necessary expertise the project and development took many years to complete, whilst others got their product to market way before we were able to do so.

We are a very easy organisation to work with,    and would welcome members’ ideas; our aim is to build a global community of likeminded hosts and travellers. Who can provide affordable accommodation to budget conscious travellers, to worldwide destinations, with the benefits shared amongst our members.

We do this by empowering the home owner to utilise their spare capacity to earn unparalleled extra income by offering their spare room capacity. We are faced with a worldwide problem of the high cost of travel, and this has an impact on the average family budget, very often it is unaffordable for families to give their children the chance to experience other cultures and travel, this can have a negative impact on their social development.

Our dedicated team of members around the world is on standby to assist and promote our aims. So join us and experience what we are all About.

From the eyes of our granddaughters these are the spitting images of the staff at Alternative To Hotel.

Alternativetohotel.com has entered this market at an opportune time, especially when we are adversely hit by economic challenges. We are an alternative to over-priced and very often unaffordable accommodation worldwide. We accord, under-utilised or vacant property owners the opportunity to join us and provide spare accommodation to potentially millions of travellers worldwide while generating a sustainable modest income. This is especially suitable for budget conscious people, back packers, college gap year adventurers, people who are conscious about costs. This alternative service presents an opportunity to everyone, who has cherished hopes to visit touristic spots of their dream countries but have never been able to. Let us build our community of hosts and travellers with lots of benefits. 

2 What we do...

At Alternativetohotel.com we are able to slash your holiday costs, which, too many, may be a holiday of a lifetime. By specialising in affordable accommodation, we provide you with an alternative range of accommodation which comprises of places in private hotels, family homes, board and lodging in purposely converted homes for holiday makers. Plans are afoot to post thousands of accommodation units located all over the world on our website. Our key destinations are Africa, the Caribbean, South America, US, Canada, India, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Europe, Cambodia and Hong Kong. We offer great value for money. When you advertiser with us, you will have total control on your mini site, where you can upload and edit all your material information, and most important you can select the period of availability of your accommodation. By constantly reviewing the accommodation we offer, we ensure that our clients receive the quality they expect at the very best value for money. Our aim is to make your travel arrangements easy at an attractive price.

3 Who we work with...

We work independently. Consequently, we offer a uniquely expansive range of properties. We offer everything from beach shacks and rooms where you lodge with your family, anywhere in the world

4 How we work...

Alternativetohotel.com offers a unique medium through which home owners can benefit from hiring their rooms and services. Alternativetohotel.com allows accommodation provider’s online uploading facilities to post their tariffs, timing, availability and information. We make a small charge of 15% across the board, this been divided between the Guest and the Host (5% and 10% Respectively ) Alternativetohotel.com simply specialises in securing the best deals, and making them available to everyone. Please see the Contact Us page and send us a mail for further details. 

Maria  Lola Serrant,

 General Secretary , 

 This is a spitting image of a manic depressive, hyper workaholic with a bad hair day, she is well organised and loves mothering the staff at the office with tea and biscuits. Maria also works in close co-operation with the marketing director, and liaises with hosts and guest, alike to investigate ways in which all Alternative To Hotel clients can have the best experience. Her input and dedication to duty makes a valuable contribution to the building of ATH to be a worldwide family unit.

Youssef Ali,

Co Director

  This image is viewed from a 4 year old perspective, does not do him justice, but is a close second likeness. He has shouldered the responsibility of developing the site architecture and co coordinating tasks with programmers all across the world. The job of constructing ATH was an under-estimation of time and cost due to the third party delays. These challenges however served to strength him and the team, and they have grown into their stressful role and responsibilities with relish and optimism.

Shiv Satchit,

Media Director, 

 Shiv is a professional pro, with hands on, down to earth approach. He is Responsible for managing the media department, including media buying and planning initiatives. Devises plans for media buying, places ads, and ensures ad buying stays within budget. A well travelled media professional, he enjoys visiting some of our clients in some of the most remote places on earth, as ambassador, championing out cause to build a truly global family of ATH members.

Richard Serrant,

Marketing Director.

Richard is a lover of most sports, especially car racing, and has imagination and enthusiasm, and an eye for trends and products, but he is also a clear thinker and good communicator. As Marketing Director, he holds ultimate responsibility for the organisations public activities and oversees the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy for the business, by the development and implementation of the Brand strategy for existing and new products. Richard Brainstorms, and works closely with the Media director and the Co-Director enabling them to meet their commercial goals by providing them with appropriate tools, materials and presentations, to meet Alternative To Hotel Objectives.

Sylvester Serrant


 The role of our CEO is an integral position. A typical day includes developing a business strategy, hiring and promoting staff, overseeing the financial budget and meeting with department heads and potential investors. CEOs are responsible for developing a business strategy for ATH, including establishing policies, goals and mission statements. He also closely monitors the company's products and services and makes recommendations to help increase sales and reduce expenses. He is a hand on CEO and is involved with daily routines, including meeting with potential vendors and supervising staff. He provides leadership and hopes to position the company at the forefront of the industry, by developing a strategic plan to advance the company’s mission and objectives, and to promote revenue, profitability and growth as an organisation. The Managerial staff at ATH Oversee company operations to ensure efficiency, quality and service, and cost effective management of resources.


Jagdeep Goel


Web Master and Developer.

Jagdeep is a very patient and highly skilled IT developer, always coming up with innovative ways to build and promote our business, trying to take it to the next level. He has been supportive from the conception to the final delivery of this product. He is a very religious person and loves to celebrate his festivals; He really has a good life, and knows how to enjoy it.


Remus the corporate cat, despite his fierce vampire appearance, he is just a soft pussy cat, forever chasing his tail and biting it, this might be a sign of madness, but he is well loved by all.